Iolas Torra

Life... finds a way.

Color Caster Level Total Mana in Pool Mana Dedicated
Green 7 124 97
White 7 23 12
Pure Green Spells
  • (4) Orb of Acid (Not Learned yet)
White Pool Spells

Not Learned Yet

  • (2) Close Wounds
Diverse Spells

Not Learned Yet

  • (4) Cure Critical Wounds (Green/White)
  • -
Spell-Like Abilities
Animal Domain

Birthday: 4th of Summersdawn

Mother: Lyeecia Torra, a Veterinarian.

Father: Gorwin Torra, a Fisherman.

Mutation: Slow Healing

Heals 1 HP every minute, but flesh regrows more like knotted flesh. These scars are incredibly difficult to remove, as they’re genetic mutations, and would require surgery or Regenerate. The more scars build, the increasing penalty you gain on social checks (min -1 after any healing, max -10) and on any checks made to disguise you.

Iolas Torra

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