weapon (melee)

A slim sickle with a large warthog’s tusk for a handle. Holding the sickle gives you a strange energy, but also makes you somewhat hungry,

  • Type: Wild-Warped Sickle
  • Material: Steel (Average quality material); 10 Hardness, 5 Hit Points
  • Craft: 17
  • Caster Level: 7

While this item has no obvious magical effects, the strange hunger you feel while holding it betrays its mystical nature.

The sickle is wild-warped and emits a weak chaotic aura. The sickle was successfully challenged, launching Iolas into a spiritual challenge in a truffle hunting contest, attuning the sickle to Iolas.

Three times per day you may draw upon the speed and hunger within this item. This requires a swift action that may only be taken at the beginning of your turn. Each activation lasts for 1d4+1 rounds (rolled in secret by the GM).

Whenever you cast a spell while this hunger is coursing through you, you gain the benefits of Haste for your next action, so long as it is a lesser action than the action you spent to cast that spell. This may not give you the benefits of Haste for any more than 1 round. You lose the benefits of Haste granted by this weapon after the hunger fades. Once the effect ends, you act as if under the effects of a Slow spell for 1 round.

Casting Times
  • Swift or Immediate Cast: No benefit
  • Move Cast: Benefit a swift or immediate action
  • Standard Cast: Benefit a move, swift, or immediate action
  • 1 Full-Round Cast: Benefit a standard, move, swift, or immediate action
  • 1 Round Cast: Benefit a full-round, standard, move, swift, or immediate action
  • 2 Round or Longer Cast: Benefit a 1 round, full-round, standard, move, swift, or immediate action


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