Copper Cocoon


A copper amulet carefully carved to resemble a monarch butterfly’s chrysalis. It is faintly warm to the touch, and emanates a subtle feeling of comfort.

Copper Cocoon
  • Type: Necklace
  • Material: Copper (Average quality material)
  • Craft: 20
  • Caster Level: 10

If the wearer of this amulet would be reduced to sufficient negative hit points to kill them, the copper cocoon springs to life. The wearer is engulfed in a shell of copper and surrounded by regenerative biomass. The wearer is reduced to 1 hit point away from death, stable but unconscious. The cocoon closes bleeding wounds and prevents post-combat bleed (as if with the Bloodblock alchemical item) Over the next 24 hours, the character will recover hit points equal to 2 times their hit dice, and recover 2 points of ability damage. When the cocoon opens, they will instantly heal for 2d8+10 points of damage. After 24 hours pass, the occupant will awaken and the cocoon will dissolve to nothing, the amulet consumed in the process. While this recovery often leaves the wearer sticky and with severe scars, it’s typically preferable to death.

The cocoon is waterproof and buoyant (acting as if under the effects of Buoyant Lifting) , and provides oxygen to the wearer while within (or whatever else the occupant requires to breathe). The cocoon can be opened early with a DC 30 Strength check made as a full-round action, or by physically destroying it. The cocoon is made of copper and is roughly 5 inches thick, giving it a hardness of 7 and 100 hp.


Copper Cocoon

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