weapon (melee)

A large rough tetsubo made entirely of thick bone and aged steel. The weapon seems oddly repelled by near-by wood. While holding this weapon, you feel a subtle fear of wood being near you.

  • Type: Wild-Warped Large Tetsubo
  • Material: Steel (Average quality material); 5 Hardness, 20 Hit Points
  • Craft: 21
  • Caster Level: 5

While this item has no obvious magical effects, the strange fear of wood you feel while holding it betrays its mystical nature.

The tetsubo is wild-warped and emits a weak chaotic aura. The tetsubo was successfully challenged, launching Akik into a spiritual challenge striking down a giant warthog that feared only wood, attuning the tetsubo to Akik..

Twice per day you may draw upon the fear within this weapon, inflicting it upon an enemy by giving the tetsubo a mighty shake. After striking an enemy with this weapon, you may use a move action to inflict them with a terrible fear of wood. So long as the afflicted enemy is within 30 feet of any wood that they’re aware of, the enemy must make a Will save (DC 11 plus your Charisma modifier) or be frightened for 1d3 rounds. On a successful save, the enemy is shaken for 1 round. If the enemy is in a spare forest, or an area with a similar amount of wood, this save DC increases by +1. Similarly for a moderate forest or a dense forest, the DC increases by +3 or +5. If the enemy is wearing any wood or is made of wood, they’re additionally sickened for the same duration they’re shaken or frightened.



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