Iolas Torra

Life... finds a way.

Color Base Caster Level Total Mana in Pool Mana Dedicated
Green 8 128 128
White 8 42 40
Pure Green Spells
Level Spell Name Basic Description
(0) Detect Magic See magic to identify items
(0) Light Get some light
(0) Purify Food and Drink Don’t poison yourself
(1) Ant Haul Do you even lift, bro?
(1) Blockade Prevent someone from entering an area
(1) Camouflage Hide a little bit better.
(1) Grease Iolas’s favorite spell
(1) Heavy Bite Have a fiercer bite
(1) Mudball Sling mud
(1) Snake’s Swiftness Strike fast!
(1) Speak with Animals Do the Dolittle!
(1) Traveler’s Mount Travel a bit faster.
(2) Barkskin Get tougher skin.
(2) Carry Companion Turn a friendly creature into little statue.
(2) Detect Disease Find some disease.
(2) Glitterdust Cover others with shiny mica.
(2) Lay of the Land Help prevent getting lost.
(2) Lesser Restoration Heal some lasting physical and/or mental damage.
(2) One With the Land Be a little more in tune with damage.
(2) Scamper Get your animal companion to move a little faster.
(3) Caustic Nova Fireball in acid.
(3) Naturalize Dispel some magics.
(3) Plant Growth Grow plants a bit quicker.
(3) Speak with Plants Talk with plants.
(3) Sudden Aegis Give some DR/Adamantine.
(3) Thorny Entanglement Create a rosebush of entangling effects.
(4) Cure Critical Wounds Heal heavy wounds.
(4) Litany of Entanglement With a word, pin someone to the spot.
(4) Orb of Acid Lay into an enemy to really damage them.
White Pool Spells
Level Spell Name Basic Description
(0) Mending Fix a bit of damage to an object.
(1) Faerie Fire Cause an invisible creature to glow.
(1) Shield Give yourself a bit of a shield.
(2) Close Wounds Close a little bit of damage.
(2) Grace (2 days remain) Unlearning…
(3) Greater Mage Armor A breastplate of force surrounds you.
(3) Magic Vestments Improve your mystical armor.
Diverse Spells
Level Spell Name Basic Description
(1) Cure Light Wounds (Green/White) Cure a little bit of damage.
(1) Mount (Green/White) (2 Days remaining) Unlearning…
(3) Lesser Vigorous Circle (Green/White) Apply a little fast healing to everyone.
(3) Vigor (Green/White) Give some fast healing to a creature.
(4) Restoration Heal many lasting physical or mental wounds, and damage to the soul.
Level Spell Name Basic Description
(3) Sacred Bond (Green/White) (2 Days remaining) Unlearning…
Spell-Like Abilities
Level Spell Name Basic Description
Ablative Sphere 1/Day, CL 3/4 Hitdice (Currently 6) Cover yourself in a bit of magic.
Animal Domain
Level Spell Name Basic Description
(1) Calm Animals Calm an animal.
(2) Nature’s Favor Grant a little luck to an animal.
(3) Greater Magic Fang Give an animal a bit more bite on their attacks.
(4) Atavism Enrage an animal, granting them the advance simple template.

Iolas typically spends 34 Green Mana and 12 White Mana at the start of an adventuring day to cast an Extended Greater Mage Armor on himself and Foster, Extended Magic Vestments on Foster’s Harness, Extended Greater Magic Fang, and Traveler’s Mount.

Iolas has gained the Dodge Feat for 24 hours

Letter to Amber Eye, 7th of Summer’s Dawn


Birthday: 4th of Summersdawn

Mother: Lyeecia Torra, a Veterinarian.

Father: Gorwin Torra, a Fisherman.

Mutation: Slow Healing

Heals 1 HP every minute, but flesh regrows more like knotted flesh. These scars are incredibly difficult to remove, as they’re genetic mutations, and would require surgery or Regenerate. The more scars build, the increasing penalty you gain on social checks (min -1 after any healing, max -10) and on any checks made to disguise you.

Iolas Torra

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