Latia "Tia" Almouren

"An arrow a day keeps the grue away"

White 8 – 19 (13)
Spell Level Spell Name Spell Use
1 Cure Light Wounds Healing
1 Righteous Blow Swift Holy
2 Close Wounds Immediate Healing
2 Arrow Mind Swift Archery Buff
Blue 8 – 46 (46)
Spell Level Spell Name Spell Use
0 Create Water Utility
1 Camouflage Stealth Buff
1 Freezing Hands Cold AoE
1 Gravity Bow Offensive Buff
1 Icespike Swift Cold
1 Sniper’s Shot Swift Sneak Attack
1 Updraft Swift Escape
1 Windy Escape Immediate Defense
2 Heart of Air Utility Buff
2 Lesser Celerity Immediate Defense
2 See Invisibility Anti-Invisibility
2 Swift Ready Utility
3 Heart of Water Utility Buff
4 Greater Invisibility Stealth Buff
Diverse & Multi-Mana Spells
Spell Level Spell Name Spell Use
1 Dispelling Touch Dispelling

Tia typically spends 0 White mana and 0 Blue mana at the start of an adventuring day. Tia typically spends 18 Blue mana at the end of the day, casting Heart of Air, Heart of Water (using a charge from her Lesser Rod of Extend for both), and Swift Ready on her two primary bows.


Birthday: 1st of Springsebb

Father: Setsen Almouren, a weaponsmith

Mother: Lenora Almouren, a tailor.

Latia "Tia" Almouren

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